Capchase lands $400 million in new debt financing

Capchase is a provider of non-dilutive capital and has agreed to more than $400m in additional debt financing backed both by i80 Group as well as an international bank group. This financing will be used for funding thousands of SaaS startups across Europe and the US. Capchase has seen a tenfold increase in its European business in less than one year. It now operates in the Nordics and the Netherlands, and its European head office is based in London.

Capchase can now deploy more than $1B to SaaS companies over the next few years, as startups seek to expand their runway and avoid a down round in uncertain markets.

Capchase also added ‘Capchase Analytics to its platform, which allows SaaS founders to make real-time financial decisions on the basis of their business performance. A dashboard with the most current financial metrics is available to customers who have provided their banking, accounting, and subscription management information. The dashboard allows users to view all of their business information, including customer retention and burn rates, as well as monthly recurring revenue.

$400 million of debt financing will be used for committed capital support to Capchase customers and diversification of current product offerings. These funding partners are part of a dedicated group of VC investors that includes QED Investors and SciFi VC.

Now Capchase Analytics enables founders to make better-informed decisions on an intuitive platform that allows them to make more informed choices.” Capchase customers who trust Capchase to finance their businesses will better understand and forecast their future, make profitable decisions, and feel confident when raising their funds.

Capchase allowed us to unlock significant future revenue which we immediately used to grow the business. We experienced triple-digit growth last year, which has provided us with a unique opportunity that would not otherwise have been possible.

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