Encinitas agrees to debt financing, three roundabouts for Streetscape

The Encinitas City Council this week agreed to pursue additional debt funding for the conclusion of this Leucadia Streetscape project in addition to agree to the building of 3 roundabouts as part of their strategy.

It’s merely another step in a job that’s been worked for many years from town.

“Streetscape is the largest job that the city has mastered and we are making enormous strides,” Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz stated. “I only need to be confident if we are going to perform debt funding we now have those very significant traffic calming measures.”

The City Council has been given two choices for the section of Leucadia, together with just one supplying the structure of 2 roundabouts.

There was some confusion concerning the positioning of bicycle lanes along the Coast Highway 101 corridor as each member believed there would be bicycle lanes across the complete length of this job in the two directions. It ends up that isn’t now in the programs.

“But we are not bringing the whole corridor down to a single lane and there is not enough width to get two lanes of traffic plus a buffered bicycle lane during the full corridor.”

A number of the public remarks were all about bicycle lanes in Streetscape, expressing disappointment that the strategy presented did not include them to the period of this corridor.

“It seemed like the negative of 101 alongside the train tracks was not likely to get any improvement so that I would love some clarification on this because if that is true I will be quite frustrated that people, once more, are not likely to find some improvement.”

According to city staff, in the event the council asked to eliminate some of their parking in the Streetscape strategy to produce more space to accommodate bicycle lanes in both directions, then it might result in problems with approval from the California Coastal Commission.

“I understand that is the type of thing which may make it not really okay to the coastal commission and then we become a multi-year procedure of discussions.”

City staff stated they’d return to take a look at layouts in the hopes of finding a way to adapt the bicycle lanes, that are of fantastic interest to the general public. Staff stated they’d go back to the council with their findings at 1 week.

“I only need to ensure that the staff will get right onto it,” Development Services Director Lillian Doherty stated. “We will make certain that this is a high priority to find a response. At minimum, I believe we could find an reply to the feasibility”

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