Florida Car Insurance Regulations & Required Coverage?

Florida Car Insurance Regulations & Required Coverage?

Car insurance laws in Florida vary from one state to another. It’s not mandatory for drivers to maintain bodily injury liability coverage. But some insurance companies won’t sell a insurance policy without it so it’s better for drivers to maintain bodily injury liability coverage. While purchasing a insurance policy, the minimum amount of coverage varies. It depends upon insurer assets directly. Some states requires high amount of coverage at the time of purchasing insurance but if you want to maximize protection of your assets, then you must have to purchase an additional coverage for better protection.

In Florida insurance policy, there is a no-fault system that requires to keep car insurance for their own protection while driving and limits their ability to sue other drivers for demages. If you are driving your vehicle and you hits someone car, then your insurance company will be responsible for damages. Under this system, you are more limited to when the other person is able to sue the party responsible for causing the accident for damages.

Florida Car Insurance Regulations & Required Coverage?

Requirements for Coverage

Florida auto insurance require the following liability coverage requirements:

  • Property Damage
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In Florida Auto Insurance, it’s not necessary for drivers to maintain bodily injury coverage but many insurance companies does not sell their policy without minimum bodily injury limits. However, law requires that any driver has liability coverage at the time of the following:

  • When you are at fault, and some injuries have occurred in case of accident.
  • A¬†suspension for too many points against your driver license.
  • In results of a revocation, a citation for DUI.
  • A revocation for Habitual Traffic Offender.
  • A revocation for any serious offense where this department is required to revoke your license.

Minimum Bodily Injury Requirements

If you are travelling and the other person who does not have insurance to cover your expenses then uninsured coverage will help you when you are in accident. Florida requires Personal Injury Protection coverage but florida does not requires bodily injury liability coverage.

If your vehicle is demages in an accident, then collision coverage will help you in repairs of your vehicle. While comprehensive coverage will help you to cover demage to your car but not in case, if your vehcile is demaged from an accident such as vandalism or flooding.

Proof of Insurance Coverage Responsibility

  • Always purchase a standard car insurance liability policy according to your needs and requirements.
  • Get Financial Responsibility Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Respnsibility.
  • Self Insurance.

Required Documentation

  • Insurance ID card that will by provided by your insurance company agent.
  • An ultimate copy of your insurance policy.
  • Self insurance certificate.
  • Form E and Property Damage Liability
  • Surety bond and insurance policy.

You will have to provide your insurance documents when:

  • When a police officer will demand from you to show him your insurance policy proof
  • When you are registering your vehicle by your name
  • When you are driving an insurable vehicle