MSouth Capital to Bring Debt Financing and Minority Equity Capital to Middle Market Companies in the South

MSouth Equity Partners IV, L.P. (“MSouth Fund IV”) has shaped MSouth Capital as a supplier of personal charge and minority equity funding options, to satisfy the requirements of organizations from the South which have a desire to pursue recapitalizations, acquisitions or other corporate initiatives, with a focus on companies creating EBITDA of $3 million or higher.

Frank Izzo was picked to direct the business given his lengthy tenure in commercial banks, personal debt and equity. “We plan to encourage the little to midsize businesses that form the backbone of this area’s market, bringing the tools and advisory services that they will need to grow and succeed,” says Izzo, CEO of MSouth Capital. “Our staff partners with the company operator, but also functions with individuals who serve smaller business enterprises to do next-stage development, such as wealth managers, accountants, lawyers, investment bankers and business brokers.”

There are 28 million little and midsize businesses in the U.S., which collectively comprise 99% of the country’s businesses. However, funding for this particular section is often restricted. According to the Small Business Administration, the very common — and biggest — origin of funds to fund business growth is private and household savings (22 percent ).

MSouth Capital attempts to bridge this gap, providing an alternative to average majority-ownership equity funding by giving a broad assortment of financing that may unite debt arrangements and minority equity together with profound expertise in different inorganic and organic growth plans.

A vital part of MSouth Capital’s investment plan is partnering with owners and entrepreneurs that have substantial ownership stakes in their own businesses and seasoned management teams set up. The organization’s affiliation with MSouth Equity Partners lets it tap into over 37 decades of experience focused on companies across the South from Texas to Washington, D.C. MSouth Equity Partners has spent $1.2 billion over 34 businesses in the South within the previous 13 decades.

“Whether it is a family-owned firm planning a generational transfer or any sort of company which sees an unmet need in the marketplace they can expand into with appropriate financing, MSouth Capital can be the trusted advisor and funding partner that helps them reach their objectives,” states Michael D. Long, a spouse and co-founder of MSouth Equity Partners.

Around MSouth Capital

MSouth Capital is a Atlanta-based supplier of personal charge and minority equity funding options. It gives capital mostly to small and mid market businesses with EBITDA of $3 million or more and a presence in the South. MSouth Capital serves companies and business sectors where its staff has extensive investment, management and transactional experience. A vital part of MSouth Capital’s investment plan will be partnering with strong management groups and people who have substantial ownership stakes in their own business to discuss a commitment to sustainable and stable growth.

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