What is Burial Insurance?


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What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is basically to cover the costs expenses of ones burial or funeral. It is commonly known as Funeral Insurance Policy or Final Expenses Insurance. It is a whole life insurance policy that is between $5,000-$20,000. The main purpose of burial insurance policy is to protect someone family from their financial burden.

Procedure of Burial Insurance

  • No medical test is required for burial insurance
  • Burial Insurance policy contract can be done in the comfort of your home
  • Burial Insurance Coverage start protecting just after the policy is signed.
  • Burial Insurance packages protect individual or a whole family
  • You can purchase Burial Insurance by answering a few health related questions.

Loosing our beloved one is priceless. It is a critical situation for everyone and many of them do not expect to also have to deal with costs of honoring the memories of their beloved one. People choose Burial Insurance policy to provide money for funeral cost for themselves and for thair family members financially support. Expenses on a funeral can cost thousands of dollars and cause of financial headache and stress, in this situation, Burial Insurance supports you in financially circumstances.

What is Burial Insurance?

Advantages of Burial and Funeral Insurance

In Life Insurance, you will have to pay a huge insurance premiums, but burial and funeral insurance policy is a great option to get ride of this burden. Here are the benefits of expenses that burial and funeral insurance include:

  • You will ask to pay a very low monthly premiums
  • Coverage starts from¬†$2,500 to $35,000
  • Upto the age of 85, if application form of burial and funeral insurance will be eligible
  • No medical test or exam will be required to purchase this insurance
  • Premiums will stay constant and will never change

Importance of Burial Insurance Policy

If you loose your family member, their are likely a few families that can pay for the expenses of their funeral services. Many of them saved up a few money so that they can pass their savings to cover these costs just after their death. Here are the list of funeral costs and expenses:

  • Funeral procession expenses
  • Flowers, programs events and other little expenses
  • Funeral service such as location rental for service and other accommodations
  • Cemetry plot
  • Other mess costs for guests

What Does a Burial Insurance Policy Cover?

Burial insurance policy covers the insured person’s life. Most people purchase final expense insurance to cover the cost of a funeral home.

Coverage of Burial Insurance Policy

  • When someone dies from your home, you might need to travel for a funeral from place to another
  • You will need to feed all the guests
  • You may also need to clean out your loved one’s belongings
  • Few mourners ever regretted having an extra infusion of cash after your loved one passed away.

In burial insurance policy, the beneficiary just has to show a death certificate to get the amount check. The person who will be responsible for carrying out final plans will be known as beneficiary.

Have Confidence Your Family is Secure

Everyone wants to protect his family in future. You can always protect your family by investing in a final expense insurance policy at any age. With taking some wise decisions, you can support your family from financial expenses just after your death. Having a funeral insurance policy coverge plan is important to cushion yourself financially.