What is Florida Car Insurance?

What is Florida Car Insurance?

Finding the right car insurance for you means staying up to date on Florida requirements. Every driver in Florida needs auto insurance coverage. Florida car insurance requires every vehicle with atleast four wheels to maintain Florida Auto Insurance coverage. You must have to purchase the minimum coverage amounts for personal injury protection insurance and property damage liability car insurance coverage.

In addition, Florida car insurance offsets this coverage requirement by offering some of the lowest car insurance coverage. In case of any accident crash, the florida car insurance DMV can request you to purchase an additional auto insurance coverage. Florinda auto insurance companies offer optional insurance coverages in case for collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage.

At the time of insurance coverage, the insurance rates are based on my factors. Your driving record, your age, your lifestyle and the kind of car that you drive decide your insurance coverage rates. You will be eligible for good rates if your driving license is in good status. And if you are living in population area where the chances of accidents is more high then your insurance rates will be higher than smaller less congested towns. If you are buying a new car, getting a rate comparison quote, GEICO has the information you need to make an informed decision.

What is Florida Car Insurance?


However, minimum coverage limits are just as a starting point of your protection. If you want a greater protection for your assets, then your must have to increase your coverage limits. The minimum requirement is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL).

Florida Car Insurance Laws

Accoring to florida car insurance laws (DHSMV), every driver in the state must have to purchase an auto insurance coverage for its vehicle. In case of any trouble, you will be fined for not having a florida car insurance. So while driving, you must keep your insurance ID card in your pocket.

Here are two types of florida car insurance laws :

          The Financial Responsibility Law — Financial reponsibility law requires drivers to carry full liability auto insurance coverage record of their driving history. Certain drivers are those that was at fault in accidents and resulting in injury to others. Financial responsibility law requirement is to check that either the certain drivers are able to pay for demages in resulting from an accident. It does not specifically require the individual to must have a insurance coverage. This law also required the business to be able to demonstrate the financial capacity to pay, even if they are not at fault. Commonly, this type of law is associated with automobiles.

         The Florida No-Fault Law —  Florida no-fault law requires all drivers to carry their personal injury protection, which pays the insured’s medical bills in case of any accident, regardless of any fault. In no-fault law, if driver of a car is involved in ac accident, then he will rely on his own car insurance company to pay for costs.