What Is Wedding Insurance

What Is Wedding Insurance

You’ve planned the proper wedding. Then, out of currently wherever, your venue shuts down six months before your huge day, and currently, you want to scramble to seek out a brand new house.

A wedding insurance typically covers the cancellation or postponement of the marriage for these reasons. illness or injury: Wedding insurance may additionally embrace illness or injury to the bride, groom or anyone essential to the marriage.

What Is Wedding Insurance

How Does Wedding Insurance Work?

Wedding Insurance falls beneath a class of insurance known as Event Cancellation coverage. These policies are designed to reimburse policyholders for money losses if a happening is off or delayed for reasons outside their management. the opposite major type of event cancellation coverage is event price tag protection. within us, the 2 major underwriters of wedding insurance are Travelers and Nationwide.

What wedding insurance doesn’t cover

You can get a marriage policy to hide concerning something outside of your management that messes together with your huge day, There square measure some things wedding insurance won’t shield you against that you simply ought to bear in mind of before you purchase a policy:

  • Cold feet or a change of heart, with few exceptions.
  • A rainy day, rather than extreme weather.
  • Theft or loss of engagement ring.
  • Deciding to change to a distinct seller, like a supplier or florist, once you’ve already paid a deposit.


When it involves coverage, each policy has its own terms. But most cowl some basic and customary misfortunes.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

A fundamental protection that spreads loss of photographs, recordings, clothing, introduces, rings and stores ordinarily cost anyplace somewhere in the range of $155 and $550, depending on the measure of scope you might want.. General insurance, that covers up to $1,000,000 for accidents, prices around $185.

Do You Really Need Wedding Insurance?

Before you get wedding insurance, confer with your each of your vendors to ascertain however well they are covered—your reception web site or your supplier could have already got their own insurance, thus you would not wish to procure overlapping coverage out of your own pocket. raise your vendors for a duplicate of their policy, and so discover wherever you are not absolutely coated.

Here are a number of the items that are usually lined by most wedding insurance policies, however, obviously, that varies reckoning on the vendor:

  • Cancellation
  • Rescheduling
  • Supplier failure
  • Marquee and equipment damage
  • Weddings rings
  • Wedding gifts
  • Wedding attire
  • Wedding transport
  • Personal liability

In short, the concept behind wedding insurance is easy. analysis your policy, check that you’re absolutely protected and so fancy your special occasion knowing that if things fail, you’re, possibly, covered.

And, hopefully, you won’t have to think about it again!